Horse Grooming Benefits for Both of You

Horse Grooming Benefits for Both of You

You’ve just adopted Donnie, an agreeable middle-aged horse you met through a regional rescue group. Donnie hasn’t had an especially good life up to now, but you’re determined to provide him with everything he needs to be comfortable and happy. Most importantly, you’ve scheduled a new patient exam with your Park County veterinarian, who will give Donnie the once-over and update his vaccinations. You’re also planning a trip to your tack shop for some top-quality grooming tools. You’re really looking forward to Donnie’s grooming sessions.

Equine Massage Session

If Donnie was a wild horse, his fellow herd members would regularly groom him. Since you’re his sole herd companion, you’re also Donnie’s default grooming buddy. Donnie will effectively receive a wonderful equine massage, as you devote attention to his large muscle groups and improve blood flow to his skin surfaces. When you regularly pick his hooves, you keep his feet spiffy clean and help prevent common hoof ailments.

Informal Health Check

When you groom Donnie every day, the actual grooming work will go pretty smoothly. Surprisingly, you can get lots of information about Donnie’s body in that short time period. While you run your hands or brush over Donnie’s back, rump, or legs, you’re checking Donnie’s overall health as well. Maybe you touch an odd lump or raised rash you didn’t notice yesterday. Perhaps Donnie seems especially sensitive when you stroke a certain area, and you find unexpected swelling there. If your vet learns about a developing medical problem early, he can often resolve it more easily.

Gym-Quality Workout

You might not have planned it this way, but when you give Donnie some high-energy grooming, you work your own muscles as well. Your shoulder muscles and triceps get a boost when you forcefully work your body brush over Donnie’s back. When you stretch and bend to reach Donnie’s neck, head, and legs, your muscle tone and flexibility improve. Think of it this way: you’re toning your muscles and hanging with your horse, and you’re saving money on gym membership fees.

Finally, you and Donnie are likely getting more than physical benefits from your grooming sessions. With every interaction, you get to know Donnie better, and perhaps he learns to trust you a little more. When Donnie sees his Park County vet for his next physical exam, the vet will hopefully visit with a well-adjusted horse who thrives in your care.

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