Extra-Special Care for Your Senior Cat

Extra-Special Care for Your Senior Cat

Your twelve-year-old cat Lucy certainly is the queen of her castle. As the oldest of your four furry pets, Lucy manages the other animals with just a gentle “meow” and swish of her tail. In deference to Lucy’s advanced age, you feed her first every morning. Lucy has also wrangled her own senior cat bed, and she’s staked out her spot in front of the window. In short, Lucy has it made. You’d like to make sure Lucy stays healthy in her senior years, so you’ve asked your veterinarian from Park County to give your dignified feline lady some nutritional counseling. Read more about how you can keep your senior cat healthy.

Focused Senior Cat Nutrition

Petite little Lucy has been looking a bit rounder in the stomach these days. In contrast, your sister’s elderly cat has actually dropped some weight as he’s gotten older. After your vet studies Lucy’s nutritional needs and activity level, he’ll design a diet that nourishes Lucy without leading to weight gain.

Monitor Lucy’s weight closely, using a scale that records even small changes. Remember that unexplained weight loss can be a sign of a developing medical condition. Don’t delay – get Lucy to your vet quickly so he can diagnose and treat your cat’s problem before it worsens.

Daily Personal Grooming Session

When Lucy was very young, you began brushing her thick coat every day. Lucy still loves her daily brushing sessions, and she purrs loudly while you pull the brush through her shiny fur. Besides gathering excess hair that can result in hairballs, brushing helps to stimulate Lucy’s skin and heighten her circulation. In turn, Lucy’s coat continues to gleam with good health.

If Lucy ignores her scratching post these days, carefully clip her razor-like claws. Finally, while you’re grooming Lucy, give her a stealth mini-physical exam. Run your hands over Lucy’s coat, and feel her skin for anything unusual. Of course, don’t tell Lucy you’re checking her out. If you notice anything strange, alert your vet quickly.

Feline Stress Reduction Zone

Lucy deserves a stress-free life in her golden years. If you’re remodeling your home, planning to move, or otherwise changing your routine, give Lucy lots of extra attention to keep her settled. If you’ve scheduled a vacation or business trip, get a familiar relative, neighbor, or friend to care for Lucy in their home. And please honor Lucy’s wishes: don’t bring any more pets into your house while she’s the alpha cat.

While keeping Lucy healthy and happy requires some effort, you want your much-loved cat to enjoy her golden years. When Lucy next visits her Park County vet, he’ll greet a healthy cat who happily rules the roost.

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