How Separation Anxiety Can Impact Your Dog

How Separation Anxiety Can Impact Your Dog

Your retriever mix Harley is a rather deceptive dog. To the outside world, your outgoing pooch is the perfect canine companion. He loves to play with his buddies at the dog park, and he enjoys romping in the yard with your family. However, your home security camera has recorded a different side of your four-year-old housemate. When he’s home alone, he engages in several out-of-character behaviors. You suspect your canine companion has fallen victim to separation anxiety. Good thing your Park County veterinarian will give your two-personality pooch some expert behavioral counseling.

Obsessive Barking

You never thought a dog could bark so loudly, for so long. Before your car departs the driveway, your anxious pooch clears his throat and begins his tirade. To keep from getting bored, he spices up the barking with periodic rounds of growling. You’ve even heard a few howls that could be taken from the soundtrack of a horror movie. Although he occasionally stops for water and food, this dedicated dog quickly gets back to his critically important work.

Destruction Machine

Harley sometimes switches his focus to furniture and structural demolition. First, he chews and digs at your matching living room set. Next, he gnaws on your solid wood dining room ensemble. Finally, he concludes by shredding several feet of hallway baseboards. You’re frustrated with the physical damage and replacement cost. You’re also concerned that your one-track dog will injure himself by chewing on dangerous objects.

Fascination With Feces

Harley has never dwelled on the “business” side of his potty walks. He regards them as a social exercise, filled with opportunities to greet his buddies before he christens his favorite trees. He takes a minute to make his deposit before heading home. Alone, however, he’s captivated by his feces. He leaves piles in the corner, but consumes them before you can find the visual evidence.

Your Canine Houdini

Your canine escape artist didn’t stay in his heavy-duty plastic kennel very long. You packed it with treats and toys, which he quickly demolished before destroying the crate itself. Fortunately, you came home before he could chew his way through the door.

Since dogs exhibit different degrees of separation anxiety, your Park County veterinarian will evaluate your canine’s behavior before prescribing a treatment plan. If you think your dog has similar challenges, call us for expert assistance.

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