Everything You Need to Know About Microchips

Everything You Need to Know About Microchips

If you’ve recently adopted your first pet, you may not be familiar with identification microchips. Look no further—here, your Park County, CO veterinarian tells you everything you need to know.

How Do Microchips Work, Exactly?

A microchip has a number implanted on it electronically; this number corresponds with the chip manufacturer’s database, where your pet’s contact information is stored. When a lost pet is returned to an animal shelter or vet’s office, specialized scanning devices there can read the chip’s number.

The microchip itself is fitted inside of a tiny glass capsule. This unit is then inserted under your pet’s skin, permanently identifying them in a safe, secure way.

Can I Track My Pet’s Movements?

No, microchips do not allow pet owners to track their animal companions’ movements. This would require GPS technology, and microchips don’t come with this sort of capability at the present time.

What are the Benefits of Microchips?

The main benefit of having your pet microchipped is simple peace of mind; you know that your furry family member is identified constantly because your pet can’t remove the microchip, the way they may be able to wiggle out of or tear away a collar with ID tags. Even if your pet escapes despite your best efforts, you don’t have to worry.

Another benefit of microchips is that they’re easy to update. If you move or get a new phone number, you don’t have to purchase an entirely new chip. All you have to do is contact the chip manufacturer to have them update your information; your pet never has to leave home!

What’s the Procedure Like?

A specialized syringe is used to inject the microchip capsule under your pet’s first few layers of skin. Just like a regular vaccination, all your pet will feel is a momentary pinch before the entire process is over. It’s quick, inexpensive, and entirely painless. In rare cases, minor inflammation, irritation, or swelling can occur at the point of insertion—these symptoms are easily treatable by your vet, so let them know if you see anything amiss.

How Do I Get Started?

Do you have questions about identifying your pet with a microchip? Ready to have your animal friend properly identified for a lifetime of health and happiness? Set up an appointment to see your Park County, CO vet. We’re here to help with all of your most important pet-care needs!

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