Holiday Safety Tips for Your Cat or Dog

Holiday Safety Tips for Your Cat or Dog

The holidays are full of food, fun, and family—including your animal companions! While including your pet in the holiday festivities this year, keep a few basic safety tips in mind to make sure that everyone stays happy. Learn more below from a vet in Park County, CO.

Avoid Anxiety

For pets, one of the biggest dangers during the holidays is anxiety. If guests are coming to your home this season, your pet may become overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle. Set up a quiet pet-safe zone in a back room just for this purpose; include a pet bed, a few of Fido or Fluffy’s favorite toys, and several soft blankets. Lead your animal friend to this area if you see them getting anxious.

Beware of Toxic Foods

Plenty of common holiday foods aren’t good for our pets. The list includes onions, garlic, chives, shallots, leeks, grapes and raisins, caffeinated foods and beverages, salty foods, chocolate, candy, and more. Never leave harmful foods out on the kitchen table or countertops, and take care to keep your pet out of the kitchen during meal preparation time.

Keep an Eye on Alcohol

Alcohol is another big no-no for our four-legged friends. It turns out that alcohol affects pets in the same way it affects us—the difference is that it only takes small amounts to do serious and potentially permanent damage. This goes for alcohol of all types, including liquor, wine, beer, champagne, and even certain foods containing alcohol. Keep a close eye on all drinks to make sure your pet doesn’t have a chance to imbibe.

Decoration Danger

Shiny tinsel and ornaments on your holiday tree may look beautiful, but to some pets, these objects may look like fun playthings. You don’t want your pet ingesting your holiday decorations, or pulling over your tree in the process of getting to them. If necessary, leave certain items off of your tree for your pet’s safety.

Gift Wrapping Tips

It’s best to keep your pet elsewhere when wrapping gifts; many of our animal friends might try to ingest paper, tape, twine, ribbons, bows, etc., all of which could cause choking or intestinal obstruction. Also be sure not to leave scissors lying about on the floor, where they present a hazard to four- and two-legged family members alike.

Would you like even more holiday safety tips? Contact your Park County, CO animal hospital today!

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