Responsible Dog Ownership

Responsible Dog Ownership

September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month! This is a great chance to talk about Fido’s care needs. We know, if Fido could talk, he would probably say that treats, belly rubs, walks, and toys are the most important parts of good doggy care. While these things are all very important, responsible dog ownership does require a bit more than that. Read on as a Park County, CO vet discusses some important parts of great dog care.


Given the choice, Fido would likely happily gobble up anything you put in his doggy dish. Our furry pals are also experts at getting us to share yummy snacks with them! Make sure your pooch is getting good, nutritious food, but don’t overindulge him with fatty treats. Ask your vet for nutritional recommendations.

Veterinary Care

Although Fido would probably rather go to the doggy park than come visit us, proper veterinary care is definitely in his best interests. Ask your vet to recommend an appointment schedule. At home, watch for signs of illness, and contact your vet immediately if you notice anything unusual in your pup’s appearance or behavior.


Training is very important, not just for petiquette, but also for safety reasons. Make sure Fido knows basic doggy obedience commands, such as Sit, Stay, and Come.


Dogs are both intelligent and energetic. Your canine buddy will need lots of activity and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. While Fido’s exercise needs will depend on his age, weight, breed, and health, most dogs need a daily walk, at the very least. Providing your cute pet with lots of suitable doggy toys is also important.


Fido definitely has a knack for getting himself in trouble. Make sure your home is safe for your furry friend by doing some basic dogproofing. You’ll also want to be very careful when taking your pup out and about. Keep your pet away from any potential hazards! Ask your vet for specific advice.

Tail Wags

Keeping that tail wagging is very important! Dogs have a capacity for unwavering, unconditional love, and they definitely deserve to feel loved and safe at all times. Spend quality time with your pet every day. After all, Fido is part of the family!

Do you need to make an appointment for your pet? Call us today! As your Park County, CO pet hospital, we are here to help!

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