Horse Care Hacks

Horse Care Hacks

If you have a horse, you know that taking good care of our equine companions is very rewarding, and very hard work. We’re here to help! Read on for some great horse care hacks from a Teller County, CO vet.

Dust Buster

Hang a clear shower curtain over your saddles and bridles to keep them from getting dusty.

Ice Breaker

We all know how fun it is to break ice in water buckets, right? Use a hammer and a kitty litter scoop to get that crust off Silver’s bucket.

Tack Hacks

Use an old shoe rack to hang bridles, halters, or helmets. Or, go the DIY route by attaching clean tuna cans to a board to make a bridle holder. You can add a layer of paint to make it look nicer if you like.

Drinking Water

Do you know or suspect that your horse isn’t drinking enough water? Add a little organic apple juice to his bucket.

Fly Away

Spray vinegar on your manure pile. This will break the manure down faster and keep flies away.

Apron Tip

Have you ever managed to brush your horse without getting covered in dust and horsehair? Get a large cooking apron to wear when grooming Silver. To make this a double-hack, keep grooming materials, like brushes, in the pockets.

Sock Hop

Does your hooved pal have white socks? Get a dish scrubber with a soap dispenser, and add whitening shampoo. Voila!

Individual Labels

Do you have more than one horse? Get patterned duct tape, and assign one specific pattern to each horse. No more mixing up whose gear is whose!


A broken deep freezer can make a great grain storage bin! It’s easy to clean, and almost impossible for rodents to get into.

ID Hacks

Use metal dog tags or luggage tags, fill them out, and attach them to your horse’s saddle and/or bridle before going out on the trail. That way, if something happens and Silver runs off, he’ll have your ID information on him.

Bit Chilly?

When it’s cold out, use a crockpot to warm up Silver’s bit. Just be sure to unplug it before you tack up!

Stain Busters

An emery board can be very helpful in removing stains from suede tack pieces!

Please contact us, your Teller County, CO animal clinic, for all of your horse’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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