Holiday Gifts for Cats

Holiday Gifts for Cats

With the holiday season ramping up into full swing, many people are trying to pick the perfect gifts for their loved ones. This can be a challenging task! Fortunately, buying gifts for your cat is much easier. Read on as a Teller County, CO vet lists some great presents for Fluffy.


Baby felines are basically bouncy, mischievous bundles of adorable. Toys are number one on the list for a kitten. At this stage in her life, little Fluffy will pounce on pretty much anything and everything, so offer her a variety of playthings. Catnip mice, crinkly balls, squeaky toys, wand toys . . . anything goes! (Note: put wand toys away after each use, as kitties can get tangled up in them.)

Adult Kitties

Grown-up cats are still quite playful, so toys are also a good option for them. Your pet may also appreciate some kitty furniture. Cat towers are great, multi-functional options. Fluffy may also appreciate a little pet tent or tipi, or perhaps a window seat. Kitty fountains, small pots of catnip or catgrass, and kitty shelves are fine as well.

Senior Cats

Once your furry buddy reaches her golden years, she’ll slow down, and spend much more time sleeping than playing. Fluffy will have a harder time climbing up to her favorite perches, so she may appreciate some pet ramps or stairs. A thermal pet blanket may also be a good option for your feline friend.

Multiple Cats

Do you have more than one cat? If so, make sure to get enough toys and furniture pieces to go around. If you get a cat tower, choose one that can fit all of your pets at once.

Shy Cats

Just like people, cats all have their own purrsonalities. If your feline buddy is on the timid side, she may like having some hidey-holes, such as kitty tents or condos. Vertical space, such as kitty shelves, are also a good bet.

All Cats

No matter how old your four-legged buddy is, a new bed will definitely get her motor running. Treats are also a good choice. Don’t forget to give your furball some empty boxes after everyone has opened their gifts. We all know how much kitties love playing in boxes!

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