Making Your Dog’s Alone Time Fun

Making Your Dog’s Alone Time Fun

Do you leave your canine pal home alone when you go to work? Your furry pal should be fine while you are out making money for doggy toys and snacks. However, Fido may get a bit lonely while you’re gone, especially if he is an only pet. Read on as a Teller County, CO vet offers some tips on making your pup’s alone time a bit easier for him.


Before you leave, turn a TV or radio on for your furry buddy. The sound of music and voices will provide background noise. This will help keep your pooch from feeling as lonely. It will also offer him a bit of mental stimulation.


Make sure your four-legged pal has lots of fun toys to play with. Look for toys that Fido can use when he is by himself, like puzzle toys or treat-dispensing toys. Kong toys, for instance, can keep your pup occupied for hours on end!

Morning Workout

Every morning, take your four-legged pal for a good walk, and then tire him out with a fun play session. This will not only give your cute pet a good dose of exercise, it will also burn off his excess energy. Hopefully, after a vigorous game of Fetch, your canine companion will be a bit tired. If he is, he’ll be more interested in napping than in chewing up your sofa.

Doggy Calming Products

There are now quite a few different pet-calming products on the market. These can really help soothe nervous pooches. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Don’t Reward Bad Behavior

If you come home to find that your furry pal has made a bit of a mess in your absence, you may be a little annoyed. However, don’t punish Fido. Negative reinforcement just doesn’t work well with dogs, especially after the fact. Plus, this may backfire by making Fido even more anxious. Ignore bad behavior, and focus on rewarding your pooch for being good.

Avoid Long Greetings and Farewells

Dogs are always super cute when they do those excited welcome-home happy dances. However, if you pay your canine friend too much attention when you walk in, you may reinforce bad behaviors, like digging and chewing. Ignore Fido until he settles down.

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