Happy Healthy Cat Month

Happy Healthy Cat Month

September is Happy Healthy Cat Month! Of course, we think our feline friends deserve to be happy and healthy all the time. That said, this is a great time to go over some key kitty care points. A Teller County, CO vet offers tips on keeping Fluffy healthy and purring in this article.

Basic Kitty Necessities

First things first. Fluffy is an easy keeper, but she does need good TLC to thrive. Providing your furball with good, nutritious, food; fresh water; and a clean litterbox will see to her most essential needs. Ask your vet for nutritional recommendations. We also strongly recommend keeping your pet indoors.

Toys and Entertainment

Kitties certainly do love their naps. However, Fluffy can’t sleep all the time! Your cat will need things to play with and pounce on when she’s awake. Make sure your feline buddy has lots of toys. It’s also important to take time to play with your pet regularly. Even a few minutes of Catch The Red Dot or Bat At The Feather Thing will benefit your furball both mentally and physically.

Veterinary Care

Keeping up with Fluffy’s veterinary care needs is very important. Your kitty should be microchipped, spayed or neutered, and kept current on her vaccinations and parasite control. If you notice any signs of illness, such as hiding, poor grooming, or reduced appetite, call your vet immediately.

Kitty Luxuries

Cats don’t mind sleeping on our furniture, but they really do benefit from having things that meet their needs: specifically, their needs to nap, scratch, and hide. Get Fluffy a few pieces of kitty furniture. Cat towers are great. Your pet will also appreciate having lots of soft beds and a scratching post.


Our feline pals have tried very, very hard to make us think of them as fierce predators. However, they are actually very emotional. Your pet needs to feel loved to really be happy. Pay lots of attention to your furry friend. Cuddle her, play with her, and reply back when she meows at you. It’s also good to let your kitty sleep on your lap if she wants. To make Fluffy feel pampered, offer her lots of treats and brush her regularly. The more you interact with your cat, the more interactive she’ll become!

Please contact us, your Teller County, CO vet clinic, for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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