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    The Pet Parents’ Choice for Vet Care in Teller County, CO!

    There’s really nothing else on earth like a furiously wagging tail on a dog or a head butt from a kitty to warm your heart and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    It’s these simple, everyday moments that inspire us to do our very best with each and every patient we serve.

    At Teller Park Veterinary Service, serving Teller County and the surrounding areas, our clients and the animals that they love are the heart of our practice, and the reason each one of us gets out of bed and looks forward to heading to the clinic everyday.

    We are inspired by the ability of animals to make their owners’ lives better and more complete just by being there and we’re honored to be able to help these special creatures enjoy longer, healthier lives.

    From the moment you and your four legged friend enter our clinic, you will experience our passion and dedication firsthand, whether it’s the friendly greeting you’ll receive from our receptionist and staff or the complimentary beverage you’ll enjoy while you wait.

    In the exam room, you’ll see us get right down on your pet’s level and spend all the time necessary to get to know you both. With us, you’re never just a number – you’re an important part of our family and you can always count on being treated as such!

    At Teller Park Veterinary Service, we genuinely love the pets that we work with, and we value the special connection we have with our clients, sharing in their joys and their sorrows on a very personal level, and working alongside them as a partner, every step of the way.

    We’d love the opportunity to help your cherished friend enjoy many happy, healthy years by your side! We serve dogs, cats and horses, providing comprehensive medical, dental, diagnostic and surgical care, as well as alternative treatment options and 24/7 emergency care for our established clients.

    Come on in and give us a try. Your Teller County veterinarian can’t wait to meet you!

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